GDC 2019: Sony To Talk The ‘Making Of Astro Bot’ On PSVR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission was without a doubt one of the best and most beloved VR games of 2019. It wasn’t just a great platformer but a game explored the platform in fascinating ways. At the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) next month, you can see how the developers pulled it all off.

Sony Japan Studios creative director Nicolas Doucet will host a session at the conference. It’s titled ‘Making of ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’: Reinventing Platformers for VR‘. As the name suggests, the talk will see Doucet dive into the prototyping and designing needed to bring Astro Bot to life. He’ll talk about how the team experimented with new ideas and some of the challenges of making a VR game.

But that’s not the only Astro Bot talk at GDC. Programmer Yuki Miyamae will also be discussing ‘Taming Technologies Behind ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’‘. This session will be more focused on the technical challenges to get the game running in VR.

“Astro Bot is not here to reinvent the wheel or claim the throne as VR’s killer app; there are enough games trying to do that already,” we said of the game in our review. “Instead, it fuzes the thrill of seeing a virtual world come to life with the dependably engaging gameplay of one of gaming’s most beloved genres and explores what that can mean with fascinating results. It’s a refreshing reminder of just how astonishing VR can be when there’s nothing in your way, and it’s an absolutely essential experience for any PSVR owner.”

Neither talk has been dated just yet but expect to see a proper schedule soon. We’ll be at GDC ourselves to bring you all the latest VR updates.

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