Frostpoint VR Is 60% Off On Steam This Week

Here’s a chance to check out Inxile’s latest VR effort on the cheap – Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds is 60% off for the next week.

You can pick the game up on Steam for just $9.99 right now. It’s a dramatic sale for a game that only launched at the beginning of December and no doubt part of an effort to get more players into lobbies.

Frostpoint VR Sale Now On

A low player base was one of our big concerns about Frostpoint when it launched. The multiplayer shooter isn’t especially inventive but its arcade-style combat might’ve appealed to a few more people if it were easy to find games consistently.

The game pits two teams of 10 each against each other in battles to capture points on a map. An alien race also runs around levels, attacking players on both sides. A standard team deathmatch option is thrown in for good measure too and, if you had a team together, there is the opportunity for some genuinely strategic plays.

Ultimately, though, we weren’t super enthusiastic about the game, awarding it 2/5 stars in our review. We pondered where it might’ve gone wrong, saying: “Did Microsoft’s 2018 acquisition of Inxile scupper plans for something wholly more ambitious? Or is Frostpoint’s barebones set of options and unremarkable gameplay really the result of three years of work from a very talented studio? We may never know the answer, but the result leaves a lot to be desired.”

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