Explore Titans Of Space Development With DrashVR

Titans of Space is one of my favorite VR projects ever made and its creator, Drash, recently sat down in our virtual studio to discuss its development.

“It’s such a glorious hobby to step into something that you create,” he explained to me.

Drash backed the Oculus Rift Kickstarter in 2012 and when he received the development kit, the astronomy lover built something that could help people quickly comprehend the relative scale of some of the largest bodies in the known universe.

Titans of Space was born and the first version dropped for free onto the early Oculus Share website. It quickly became a go-to piece of software development kit owners could use to demonstrate the power of VR as a medium. People who had never had an interest in astronomy could instantly see the relative size of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and so much more. Titans of Space became a demo many dev kit owners could use to explain to their friends why they wouldn’t shut up about the potential of VR.

Drash built Titans of Space in his free time while working a day job and continually refined the project over the years while releasing it on most VR platforms. Titans of Space Plus arrived on Oculus Quest in December 2019 with hours of content and multiple ways to explore our solar system and the largest stars.

My interview with the developer covers his inspirations, competitive motivations, the difficulty of an educational project standing out in the market, what prospective devs can do to get started in VR, and much more.

Check it out below and check out our VR Download page here to subscribe to our podcast for more interviews and discussions recorded in our virtual studio.

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