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When people say VR is still in the PlayStation-era, they usually mean it figuratively; developers are still working out the language of this new medium one game at a time. Bevan McKechnie has taken that analogy quite literally, though, and in the process discovered one of VR’s most concise shooters. Compound’s trick is to breathe […]

VRstudios has made location-based entertainment virtual reality arcades for big commercial venues in the past, but now the company revealed the VRcade Atom, a more compact VR booth with a smaller footprint that doesn’t require an expensive facility. The VRcade Atom is a commercial wireless VR system built for location-based entertainment (LBE) arcades, and it costs less […]

A new kind of VR attraction opens today in Orange County, California, with Alien: Descent offering a trip to LV-426 overrun with dangerous Xenomorphs. I’ve previously visited location-based VR attractions from companies like The VOID, Dreamscape Immersive, and VRStudios. This system, put together by Pure Imagination in partnership with Fox, brings together different VR technologies […]