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A newly-discovered patent filing gives us what may be our best look yet at new PSVR controllers for the unannounced PSVR 2. The Japanese filing, first spotted by Let’s Go Digital, includes detailed diagrams of the devices from various angles. Though the text is in Japanese and we can’t translate, the designs do seem consistent […]

Oculus Quest 2 is getting ‘Infinite Office’ features with the aim of making it suitable for real productivity. While presented as a new experience, what we see in the Infinite Office trailer is actually an evolution of the current Quest interface, introduced as an Experimental feature back in March and now the default. The Oculus […]

Nostalgia hits different in VR; it can recreate not only the things that what you once loved, but also the environment you were in when you loved it. There’s no better example of that all-encompassing nostalgia than Pixel Ripped 1995. [UploadVR regularly commissions freelance writers to review products, write stories, interview subjects, and contribute op-ed […]

A new step is required to sideload content on the Oculus Quest standalone headset. The option to use “unknown sources” on Oculus Quest is gated behind ‘Developer Mode’. Currently, enabling developer mode for your account requires agreeing to the Oculus Developer Terms of Service. From October 8, Facebook will also add a verification step requiring […]

While many of Apple’s investments in innovative technologies pay off, some just don’t: Think back to the “tremendous amount” of money and engineering time it spent on force-sensitive screens, which are now in the process of disappearing from Apple Watches and iPhones, or its work on Siri, which still feels like it’s in beta nine years after it […]