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Where Thoughts Go is a social network that takes the form of an ethereal virtual reality world. Visitors leave anonymous voice logs that appear in the dreamy environment as little creatures that flit around in the air. It’s the latest VR project from indie developer Lucas Rizzotto, who plans to release an early version sometime in 2018 […]

Today I got a pretty interesting email. Squanchtendo, the VR company launched by Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland and former Epic Games Producer Tanya Watson, is changing its name. The “Squanch” is still there of course, as a reference to Roiland’s hit cartoon, but the rest is getting dropped off. And you’ll never guess […]

Two months ago we got a look inside one of the three studios in the world to feature Microsoft’s volumetric capture setup. The tech itself is impressive, but we’re still searching for promising VR experiences that actually use it. Awake is one such experience. Announced today, Awake is the latest VR series from Start VR, […]