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Facebook’s VR research division is presenting prototype VR optics smaller than any we’ve seen yet for the annual SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference. The ideas behind the “holographic near-eye display” could one day enable VR headsets with sunglasses form factor- but for now this is solely research with limitations. Why Are VR Headsets So Bulky? The […]

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed they were ending the Mixer streaming platform and partnering with Facebook Gaming instead. Could this potentially mean big things for Xbox VR support finally via a relationship with Facebook-owned Oculus? In order to understand the significance of what this could mean for Xbox and for VR as a whole, it’s […]

Oculus Go is already gone from certain areas of Facebook’s official site for virtual reality products after the company confirmed it would cease sales of the headset. The entry level standalone headset’s retirement after two years of availability marks the end of an era for virtual reality. One of Facebook’s technical guides in VR, John […]