If you are planning a trip for the holidays, you now have a resource to find gyms in Pokemon Go before you arrive at your destination. PokeScout, an interactive map website for tracking the location and status of gyms in Pokemon Go, has finally added every single gym in the hit mobile game. Using this tool, Pokemon […]

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve written about a VR wave shooter. At their core, they’re all the same. Most of them don’t let you manually move yourself around, locking you in place. Enemies attack from a multitude of angles, racking up the stress and intensity. You often have an assortment of weapons […]

Digital gaming marketplace G2A remains a controversial figure in the industry for selling second-hand Steam keys, but next year it will try its hand at selling something new: its own VR game. G2A is developing Blunt Force, a new shooter that’s set both during the second world war and shortly before it. In the former, you’ll […]