Several months back, we introduced you to three young artists with a passion for maximizing what can be achieved through virtual reality artistry. That group is known as the Soap Collective — an enclave of forward thinking creatives working in this brand new medium known as VR. Today, the Soap Collective is working to release Atlas […]

The production studio co-founded by acclaimed director Ridley Scott is announcing the launch of a new, in-house virtual reality division known as RSA VR. According to an official statement from RSA (aka Ridley Scott and Associates): “RSA Films has launched RSA VR, a new division dedicated exclusively to the creative development and production of VR, AR and mixed […]

This article debuts an occasional series, High Tech in the Heartland, that explores the relationship between Silicon Valley and the rest of America. It originally appeared on VentureBeat. This is not a postcard from the future: Picture a tech company’s 100th anniversary celebration where its top executives don augmented reality helmets that promise to reinvent […]