The Global WebVR Hackathon, which is an online competition, organized by Virtuleap has been a big success in the VR industry. WebVR is the grassroots road developing the VR field based on strong fundamentals like pushing an emerging technology where there’s already web traffic. Virtuleap is partnering with influential businesses like Microsoft, Mozilla, as well […]

We’ve been hands-on with a lot of wireless upgrade kits for VR headsets now, but Vive X company TPCAST’s solution for the HTC Vive remains the most promising. If you read our impressions of the kit from last year, you might remember a mention of what the group called ‘Wireless HD’ transmissions, which use a […]

Today, we’re breaking some rules. Within the short period that filmmakers have been shooting footage with 360° cameras, people have started writing the Do’s and Don’ts of the new medium. Rules that constrict the camera from movement, rules that make the experience of watching these videos, honestly quite boring. At 3 PM PST today, UploadVR will be going live with […]

This year’s AVN Show – the world’s largest Adult Entertainment expo which took place in Las Vegas this week– focused a lot on VR, even adding two new dedicated categories (Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and Best Virtual Reality Innovation/Site) to its 2017 industry awards. AVN’s CEO Tony Rios said in a recent interview that […]

During the Tuesday’s court testimony the Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has disclosed new elements about its company’s purchase of Oculus in 2014. The testimony has taken place in a court of Dallas, during which the online game developer ZeniMax insists that it’s possessions has been stolen by Facebook. ZeniMax insists that the Oculus Rift partly […]

Playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition using AltspaceVR was one of my first multi-hour VR experiences. It combined something that I was familiar with and brought it to new life with new capabilities using the power of virtual reality. Whereas Dungeons & Dragons in VR brings anyone from around the world to the same location […]

Vlad Kolesnikov from Microsoft team reported that Microsoft will deliver its first virtual reality helmet in March. During the CES 2017 Windows demonstrated its first Holographic VR helmet to media from 3D Glasses Lenovo and other manufacturers. Game Developers Conference (GDC) will occur from February 27 March 3, in 2017 at San Francisco. The helmet […]