Ready Player One occupies an important position in pop culture. Roddenberry’s Holodeck defined VR for much of the ’90s and, by the year 2000, the Wachowski’s Matrix wove itself into the common fabric of everyday discussions. Over this same period, personal computers followed a trajectory of becoming even more personal while also embedding themselves as […]

The future of VR content lies with increased resolutions, higher image fidelity, wireless tracking, better form factors, and the removal of any and all other barriers that remind users they’re not actually inside the digital world. Light fields, like the stuff groundbreaking tech company OTOY is working on, are at the heart of that future […]

Toshiba’s new smart glasses put a small display in the corner of your vision combined with a camera for remote assistance and other enterprise applications. The roughly $1,900 headset is packaged with a PC to power it —  so if you’re walking around with the Vuzix-powered “dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses” you’ll have to either hold a […]