Daqri has begun shipping its augmented reality smart glasses for the workplace. Los Angeles-based Daqri is betting that AR — a technology that overlays digital animations on top of the real world — will take off first in the enterprise, where customers are willing to pay a higher price in order to solve complex problems. The idea […]

Electronic Arts announced it will acquire Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment for $315 million in cash and stock, plus a possible bonus of $140 million. The deal could bring a new long-term franchise into the fold for the big third-party publisher of video games, giving EA an edge in the multibillion-dollar first-person shooter genre with properties such as Titanfall, […]

Virtual reality and augmented reality have delivered realistic visuals and sound to virtual experiences, but they’re completely lacking a sense of touch. Tactaiwants to change that with a new kind of multi-modal touch feedback technology. If it works, it could lead to a new generation of VR and AR headsets that can add a new sense […]