A seemingly uninteresting patent recently granted to Sony may reveal some features of the hotly-rumored new PSVR 2. Let’s Go Digital first spotted the patent for a ‘data processing device’. Now, the patent itself isn’t directly detailing a new version of PSVR, but some of the diagrams used to illustrate the patent reveal PSVR features […]

Facebook recently updated its Content Guidelines for Oculus Quest to include a new section titled “Oculus Platform Abuse Policy” that could affect certain types of sideloaded Quest content. For those unfamiliar, “sideloading” is the term generally applied to content loaded onto some types of modern computers from sources not explicitly approved by content reviewers. Facebook’s […]

After deciding he wanted to do more with his life than Candy Crush Saga, Tommy Palm cofounded Resolution Games in 2015. He started the company to make virtual reality games for mobile virtual reality, starting with the fishing game Bait!. VR platforms kept morphing under his feet, but Palm has expanded his reach to augmented reality and still kept a […]

At Oculus Connect 6 last week Facebook’s chief VR researcher revealed something you might have missed: his division is going to build an integrated next generation concept prototype VR headset. So far, Facebook Reality Labs has been revealing feature prototypes. These prototypes demonstrate one future technology such as varifocal or face tracking. But a next […]

At Oculus Connect 6, Facebook’s chief VR researcher stated that the company won’t deliver a truly next generation VR headset “any time soon”. Abrash has spoken about his predictions for when a next generation VR headset will arrive on multiple occasions. His first concrete vision of a next generation headset was delivered at Oculus Connect […]