There are two sides to HTC’s Vive VR business; consumer and enterprise. The original Vive targets the former market while the subsequent Vive Pro and Focus devices cater to the latter. The company’s messaging around which device belongs in what category hasn’t always been clear, however. With the launch of the consumer-focused Vive Cosmos pending, […]

Sairento Untethered is a new Oculus Quest game launching this Thursday. Unlike every other Quest port so far, Sairento Untethered is not the same game as its PC VR counterpart. Instead the game is built specifically for Quest, with the same gameplay mechanics but different levels and fewer features. Like the PC VR version, Sairento […]

In the days leading up to Oculus Quest’s launch, the company’s head of third-party content told VentureBeat that porting higher-end PC titles to the standalone platform was more about art asset formatting than code optimization. Now early third-party Quest developer Immerse is revealing exactly how art reformatting brought a PC-caliber enterprise training app to the Quest in only five weeks. […]

We’re now over three years past the launch of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but developers are still making wave-based combat games. Although I initially wrote off Ninja Legends as just another wave-based VR game recycling assets and gameplay mechanics, it’s actually really fun and well-made with an addictive slow-motion system and satisfying ways […]