A new application package on the Oculus Quest seems to indicate that the device may receive a feature called the ‘Oculus Assistant’ in a future update. The application appears in the Quest’s v10 firmware, listed under the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab of the library for those who have enabled Developer Mode on their device. The package […]

Today Owlchemy Labs released a major update for Vacation Simulator that adds in subtitles for multiple languages along with a slew of visual enhancements to aid accessibility for players. Supported subtitle languages include English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish which is a great selection of option for players around the world. Coincidentally, the news […]

In Steven Spielberg’s 2018 adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel Ready Player One, on the Planet Doom in the network of simulated places known as The OASIS there’s a climactic battle for control over that fictional multiverse. In the film, set decades in the future, fans of The OASIS run down physical streets decked out […]

You could perceive it to be a bad week for VR. Firstly, Google confirmed that its new Pixel smartphone won’t be supporting its Daydream VR platform. In fact, it’s outright stopped selling the Daydream View, essentially acknowledging its demise. Shortly thereafter, the BBC announced the closure of its VR Hubs, confirming it will no longer […]

A new firmware update for Oculus Quest improves the quality, stability, and latency of TV casting as well as adding support for more cast devices. Oculus Quest included the ability to cast the headset’s view to a TV since the headset launched back in May, using Google’s Cast technology. However, it only supported three Cast […]