I’m always puzzled by the suggestion that VR ‘needs’ its version of some gaming genres. 3D visuals aside, what’s really gained by putting a turn-based strategy game into headsets? Or a JRPG? Moreover, does the obscure visual novel genre really need a VR equivalent? Tokyo Chronos argues it does, but it makes its case with […]

Last week at GDC 2019 Oculus officially unveiled Dead and Buried 2, the dramatically expanded follow-up to 2016’s original western-themed shootout. I tried out the demo for Dead and Buried 2 on an Oculus Quest using two of the new-style Touch controllers. I played in a free-for-all Deathmatch against one other Quest player (an editor […]

Thought Nintendo’s Labo VR for Switch was just 3DoF? You’d be wrong. Nintendo actually uses a clever design to add positional controller tracking. The Nintendo Switch right Joy-Con has a little known feature- an IR camera on the end. The VR Elephant Toy-Con has a slot for the right Joy-Con to be positioned in. It […]

Three years into consumer virtual reality, the technology is still in its first generation. While minor improvements are on the near horizon, there’s a bottleneck holding back a true next generation. That bottleneck is the development of (good) foveated rendering. Resolution and FOV: Fundamental Enemies Almost all consumer headsets today have a field of view […]

A few weeks ago I found myself chatting to Darren Emerson, CCO & Co-Founder of VR City. He’s behind striking VR experiences like Indefinite, a harrowing account of the UK’s handling of immigrants. Emerson and co’s latest work, Common Ground, is just as powerful. It’s an immersive tour of London’s Aylesbury Estate, part celebration of […]