Valve revealed Steam’s Best of 2019 lists today, including the top selling VR games of the year. The section is split into platinum, gold, silver and bronze subdivisions, along with a section purely for the best VR releases from this year only. The platinum category, featuring the absolute top VR sellers of the year “as […]

New orders of the Oculus Quest headset ordered on Facebook’s Oculus website aren’t expected to ship until mid-February in the United Sates. Facebook’s standalone VR headset sold out at several online stores ahead of Christmas 2019. Now, however, the website warns new orders of the $400 64 gigabyte or $500 128 gigabyte system should ship […]

VR is a hit this holiday season — so much so that some of the industry’s most compelling systems were backordered as far as February 2020. Facebook warns that new orders of the Oculus Quest self-contained standalone system won’t arrive until February when ordered from its website in the United States. It is sold out […]

This week The Information published a report detailing some of Facebook’s future strategy for VR and AR, including an interview with VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth. The report and interview cover a wide variety of topics, including Bosworth’s direction, the scale of Facebook’s investment, and the daunting task of developing AR glasses from scratch. The […]

A HBO series based on Snow Crash, the 1992 science fiction novel which coined the term “metaverse”, is currently in production. Snow Crash is a 1992 science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson. The book has a deeply complex plot touching on archaeolinguistics, religion, simulation theory, philosophy, computer science, and memetics. It was nominated for the […]

Oculus Quest now has experimental controller-free Hand Tracking. Here’s how to enable it. Hand Tracking is part of the v12 update for Quest. It lets you use your hands naturally in VR rather than through Touch controllers. However, it currently only supports a handful of non-third party apps. Annoyingly, Facebook “rolls out” its update over […]

Oculus Quest system software v12 is now rolling out, adding Voice Commands, AMD support for Link, and experimental controller-free hand tracking. Voice Commands will let you navigate the menu, launch apps, and search. Facebook says this feature is rolling out gradually, so even if you get v12 you may not get Voice Commands immediately. quest […]