VRstudios has made location-based entertainment virtual reality arcades for big commercial venues in the past, but now the company revealed the VRcade Atom, a more compact VR booth with a smaller footprint that doesn’t require an expensive facility. The VRcade Atom is a commercial wireless VR system built for location-based entertainment (LBE) arcades, and it costs less […]

A new kind of VR attraction opens today in Orange County, California, with Alien: Descent offering a trip to LV-426 overrun with dangerous Xenomorphs. I’ve previously visited location-based VR attractions from companies like The VOID, Dreamscape Immersive, and VRStudios. This system, put together by Pure Imagination in partnership with Fox, brings together different VR technologies […]

Some virtual reality startups are having trouble getting the attention of investors, after the first wave of VR headsets failed to live up to the hype. But TheWaveVR has been able to raise $6 million in venture funding for its social VR platform and community for VR music and visual arts experiences. TheWaveVR turns concerts into social VR experiences […]