Over the past few years, Snapchat’s growing collection of Lenses have been some of the best examples of smartphone-powered augmented reality, enabling users to effortlessly add facial modifications, environmental effects, and location-specific filters to their photos. Now parent company Snap is enabling creators to use self-provided machine learning models in Lenses, and hoping the initiative will inspire partnerships between […]

Sony revealed its next generation PlayStation 5 console today, which features a new white design, a white DualSense controller, media remote and a new HD camera. While there was no specific PSVR news, the HD camera reinforces previous suggestions that PS5 should support current, and possibly future, PlayStation VR hardware. After a lot of hype […]

The percentage of SteamVR players using Oculus Quest increased from 6% to 7.5% in May, according to Valve’s data. PC VR headset companies do not currently reveal sales figures, but Valve’s Steam- the most popular games store on PC- conducts a monthly ‘Hardware Survey’. This opt-in survey is offered to a random sample of Steam users […]

We’re sorry to inform you that you won’t be making it through the Upload VR Showcase on June 8th without screaming a few times. That is to say, another terrifying look at Cosmophobia arrives at the show! Cosmophobia is the new title from White Door Games, best known for its terrifying procedurally-generated VR debut, Dreadhalls. […]

Adorable and deceptively manic VR game Traffic Jams is the latest title to be published by Arizona Sunshine developer, Vertigo Games, and we’ll have a fresh look at it soon. Vertigo Games will be publishing the title on all major VR platforms later this year. Developed by Little Chicken, Traffic Jams sees players organizing traffic […]

Last week, Facebook marked the one-year anniversary of the Oculus Quest, the company’s second (and more powerful) standalone VR headset. It’s been an absolutely packed first-year for the device, so here’s our year in review roundup of everything that happened, just in case you forgot. This time last year, the Oculus Quest had just launched. […]