The Los Angeles-based creators of Virtual Virtual Reality and AR software Tendar just announced an Oculus Quest project. From Tender Claws, “The Under Presents” is a theatrically-centered VR project funded by Oculus Studios featuring a “vaudeville stage that exists in a special dimension outside time and space.” A sneak peek of the project is being shown […]

Alphabet’s Google filed for a patent for a compression system specifically designed for frames produced by foveated rendering. Foveated rendering is a process which renders most of the view of a VR headset at lower resolution except for the exact area where the user’s eye is pointed, which is detected with eye tracking. That area […]

Developer Niantic, Inc. now has a valuation of almost $4 billion after its latest funding round. The company raised $245 million in its Series C financing. Venture capital firm IVP led the round along with participation from AXiomatic Gaming, Battery Ventures, Causeway Capital Management, CRV, and Samsung Ventures. Niantic is the studio responsible for Pokémon Go, Harry […]

Lemnis Technologies demonstrated a series of prototype optical designs at CES 2019. Though none were in a consumer-ready state, each showed promising previews of features which might make it into future VR headsets. We tried a total of three headsets at CES 2019 from Lemnis Technologies. The first “Verifocal VR Kit” showed moving “Alvarez” lenses […]

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what about a three-dimensional rendering? Ask ThreeKit — it’s in the business of creating 3D renderings for clients such as Crate and Barrel, Steelcase, and CIROC. The Chicago startup’s product configuration and visualization platform enable brands to create interactive three-dimensional “experiences,” such as product tours and comparison tools. And in just a […]

HTC held a special press event on Monday, just one day before CES officially started. The company announced two new VR headsets, a new VR platform, and a new VR app subscription service. On Monday we livestreamed the presentation. Here are the highlights from that stream, including the major product announcements. Vive Pro Eye Vive […]