Minecraft Earth, an all-new mobile AR version of the global sensation sandbox building and survival game, is coming to iOS later this month and Android “soon thereafter” according to the official blog. We first heard about Minecraft Earth about two months ago in mid-May when developers Mojang released an announcement trailer and then last month […]

Seemingly out of nowhere CCP Games dropped a major update to Sparc with new game modes and spectating options. Sparc is one of those VR games that just felt special when you played it. The smoothness of the visuals, excellent animations, fantastic Tron-inspired mechanics and stylings, and everything else just coalesced into a supremely polished […]

There are two sides to HTC’s Vive VR business; consumer and enterprise. The original Vive targets the former market while the subsequent Vive Pro and Focus devices cater to the latter. The company’s messaging around which device belongs in what category hasn’t always been clear, however. With the launch of the consumer-focused Vive Cosmos pending, […]