Manus, the VR company that offers enterprise-level hand-tracking solutions, this week revealed a new full-body tracking solution to complement its existing offerings. Called Manus Polygon, the system works using Vive Tracker pucks. The original Manus solutions already use two of these sensors attached to the backs of your hands to track their positions in virtual […]

Facebook’s Oculus developer documentation website leaked the code name for a future headset, with a new controller, and the existence of a ‘First Access’ program for some developers. The text showed up on several pages of the developer documentation, with the following message. It was first spotted in a screenshot posted to reddit. UploadVR verified […]

Nreal is teasing an enterprise-focused standalone AR headset for launch in Q4 2020, a variant of its Nreal Light AR glasses. The company released a darkened concept image of the headset, which we’ve brightened here: This would be Nreal’s second product. Their first, Nreal Light , is pair of AR glasses intended for consumers. Nreal […]