We’re sorry to inform you that you won’t be making it through the Upload VR Showcase on June 8th without screaming a few times. That is to say, another terrifying look at Cosmophobia arrives at the show! Cosmophobia is the new title from White Door Games, best known for its terrifying procedurally-generated VR debut, Dreadhalls. […]

Adorable and deceptively manic VR game Traffic Jams is the latest title to be published by Arizona Sunshine developer, Vertigo Games, and we’ll have a fresh look at it soon. Vertigo Games will be publishing the title on all major VR platforms later this year. Developed by Little Chicken, Traffic Jams sees players organizing traffic […]

Last week, Facebook marked the one-year anniversary of the Oculus Quest, the company’s second (and more powerful) standalone VR headset. It’s been an absolutely packed first-year for the device, so here’s our year in review roundup of everything that happened, just in case you forgot. This time last year, the Oculus Quest had just launched. […]

NVIDIA is launching an SDK for CloudXR, its full-stack cloud VR streaming solution currently intended for enterprise. Standalone VR headsets such as Oculus Quest and Vive Focus Plus are preferred for enterprise use cases because they’re much easier to deploy and manage than PCs. However, mobile chips are significantly less powerful than PC GPUs, limiting […]

What? UploadVR’s YouTube output is evolving! Yep, today we’re launching the ultimate dedicated VR trailers channel: VR Game Trailers & Clips. VR Game Trailers & Clips will feature officially released trailers and footage straight from developers and publishers themselves. Expect an encyclopedia of content and the ultimate destination for VR trailers. This decision comes from […]