FundamentalVR is on a mission to make VR surgery simulation as robust, convincing and efficient as possible. Recently, it made a small but significant step towards that goal with eye-tracking. Usually when we hear about eye-tracking’s importance to VR, it’s to do with foveated rendering. Eye-tracking as a means of input often feels like an […]

Multiple patents awarded to Facebook this year suggest the company is researching a range of technologies which could enable force feedback gloves for VR. Gloves may be the ultimate goal for VR input. The term “haptic gloves” usually refers to finger tracking gloves with vibration motors on each finger. Force feedback gloves, though, go further […]

Firewall Zero Hour (our GOTY 2018) is about to kick off its next season of content with Operation: Dark Web starting August 13th. We learned about the new Operation late last month, but it’s been shrouded in mystery ever since. Today, the new update has been demystified as Damoun Shabestari, Game Director for Firewall Zero […]

Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Note 10 phablet does not support its Gear VR mobile VR headset. The Samsung Gear VR is a smartphone-based VR headset. Like Google Cardboard and its plastic derrivatives, users slot in their smartphone which acts as the display and computer. Unlike cardboard, however, it features a dedicated gyroscope and accelerometer, and […]

In reality, I am not a long-haired Asian woman, and when I create virtual avatars of myself, they’re never long-haired, Asian, or female. Yet at this week’s Siggraph 2019 conference in Los Angeles, FaceUnity’s “automatic” cloud AI avatar generator snapped a photo of me and quickly came to some very incorrect conclusions. “It thinks you’re a lady,” […]