Toshiba’s new smart glasses put a small display in the corner of your vision combined with a camera for remote assistance and other enterprise applications. The roughly $1,900 headset is packaged with a PC to power it —  so if you’re walking around with the Vuzix-powered “dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses” you’ll have to either hold a […]

Alex Schwartz, the CEO of Owlchemy Labs, has made virtual reality look easy. His company’s debut game, Job Simulator, is one of the big hits among VR games. Owlchemy followed that with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, and now it is working on Vacation Simulator. And while other VR game companies are struggling to get by, Owlchemy has […]

As the 2018 Mobile World Congress wound down this week, next-generation 5G wireless technology was clearly the show’s biggest story, promising dramatically faster data speeds. But 5G’s secret weapon will actually be ultra-low latency, a concept that’s easily understood but hard to market. Verizon, Vodafone, and Huawei have spent the past month demonstrating how low latency will radically improve wireless video, […]

Gunheart by Drifter Entertainment is still in Early Access as a big, dynamic, cooperative first-person shooter, but ever since its debut last year it’s gotten large, consistent updates. For this latest “Winter Update” that just recently dropped, there’s a bevy of new features and a price drop from $34.99 to just $29.99. Kicking things off […]