Multiplayer shooter Onward released this week for Oculus Quest. If you’re curious what we think so far, here is our Onward Oculus Quest review! Technically, this is an Early Access release, as you’ll be informed when you first boot the game up. However, Facebook doesn’t officially allow Early Access content on Quest and the game’s […]

As virtual and augmented reality steadily advance in both visual fidelity and headset comfort, researchers continue to work on input solutions that will feel more natural than holding controllers. A group of researchers announced FingerTrak, a wristband-based solution that uses thermal cameras to track hand movements in 3D, abstracting 20 finger joint positions from contours on […]

Is the appetite for games based on The Walking Dead so big that fans will support a second virtual reality game based on the long-running television series? Survios and AMC will find out soon as they prepare The Walking Dead: Onslaught for release. It’s a visceral survival-shooter where you have to deal with dozens of Walkers coming after you in […]