Apple will launch AR glasses This Year

After many rumours and alligation it seems that the news is official now. It is asserted that Apple is readying to launch Mixed Reality goggles, which will be the result of joint work with Carl Zeiss, a German partnership of optics. As a Zeiss affirmed the two renowned companies has collaborated for the upcoming AR smart goggles.

A far-famed blogger and enthusiast of VR Robert Scoble, who just a week ago has firstly made known about this news, has noted that the new Apple device will be ready this year. But this is not officially approved yet by device creators.

Reportedly the new glasses will be runned with iPhones cordlessly. Using Augmented Reality, enjoyers will have a freedom to see various images, as well as other materials with the Apple goggles on.

With this new goggles AR will be run with the app of iPhone Camera. In this way users will catch various objects after pinpointing their phones on them. Apart from recognizing objects, the device will simulate people’s faces through AR.

What about the release date, there is no clear information. As Apple has mentioned in a statement, the device will be applicable during the next six months. While according to Scoble’s announcement, the goggles will be launched next year.

Although there are whispers that on September with the iPhone 8 release we will see the official announcement from Augmented Reality.

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