Adorable VR Puzzler Squishies Returns As PSVR Exclusive

Typoman developer Brainseed Factory is nearing the release of its first VR game, Squishies.

The studio recently reintroduced the game, which UploadVR helped reveal last year, as an exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. It’s set to release on 20th November, and it looks like it’s come a fair way since we last saw it.

via Gfycat

In Squishies, you push cutesy little critters (which, yes, are indeed squishy) around gauntlet-style levels in search of the goal. Using Move controllers to blow your friends across stages, you can gather bonus crystals that present a bit of extra challenge and dive head-first into diorama-like stages. The game also boasts a full level editor that enables you to share your creations with friends.

We were quite fond of what we played from the game’s early build. It’s not going to be a platform-defining game by any means, but there’s definitely fun to be had with Squishies.

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