Adobe AR Concept Syncs Digital Notes With Physical Documents

Adobe shared a new concept they called ‘Dually Noted‘, which uses AR to allow for seamless collaboration when editing a document simultaneously across physical and digital versions. The tool syncs notes so they can appear on the physical version of a document via AR.

The concept was presented as part of a series called Adobe Sneaks, which showcase innovative, proof-of-concept projects in the works at Adobe. These concepts will not necessarily make it to a full release, however, viewers can vote online for their favorite Adobe Sneak project, in the hopes that it might be worked on further.

Dually Noted uses AR to synchronize notes and edits between digital and physical copies. The tool allows for notes made in Adobe Acrobat on a PDF to be linked to a physical copy of the document and displayed in AR using your mobile phone.

For example, if an author and a publisher are collaborating on the final review of a book, the publisher can make annotations on the PDF digital copy and the author can then view those annotations overlaid on the physical copy while they proofread. This means that you can mark and review documents physically while also using your phone to check for any notes that were made digitally.

However, the app also then allows the AR user to reply to notes on their phone, which get synced back into the digital copy of the document. Plus, AR can be used to highlight and comment on sections of text as well. This takes the best of both worlds — allowing for physical proofing and eliminating the need to also open up a digital copy on your computer just to see a few notes that pertain to certain pages.

You can watch the full Adobe presentation on Dually Noted here. If you like Dually Noted and want to see it worked on further, head over to the Adobe Sneaks event page on Twitter and like the Dually Noted tweet to vote for the project.

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